7 Tips to Stay Safe from Drunk Driving/Drivers This New Years Eve

The Church AgencyThe Church Agency, not only wants you to have a festive time bringing in the New Year but also remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. If we can educate people that buzzed driving is also unacceptable and will also cause  car accidents, we are saving lives.

Here are 7 New Year’s Eve safety tips:


1. Have a designated driver: Do not ever drink and drive. Ask a friend or a family member for a ride, or make a reservation for a taxi.

2. Monitor your alcohol intake: Many people associate New Year’s Eve celebrations with drinking. Be aware of how much you are drinking. Make sure you stay hydrated (with water) and that you eat enough.

3. Take the keys: If you have a friend who is too drunk to drive, take the keys. Get your friend a ride home with a trusted sober driver, or call his or her family for a ride.

4. Stick together: Going to parties, bars and dance clubs can be hectic, and with too much alcohol, some people lose control. Traveling in groups creates a safety net.

5. Stay off the roads: Drinking and driving car accidents are highest between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m., so try and stay off the roads during those hours.

6. Drive defensively: If you must drive, be aware of your surroundings, drive defensively and call the police if you see anything illegal or suspicious taking place. As always, wear your seat belt and don’t drive distracted.

7. If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party, adhere to the following safety suggestions:

•    Have a ride for your guests: Contact a local cab company so your guests can have rides.

•    Juice, soda, water: Also serve non-alcoholic beverages for your guests. Have lots of water on hand.

•    Plenty of food: Make sure you have enough food on hand so your guests can have something on their stomachs beside alcohol.

•    Stop serving: Stop serving alcohol well before the party ends.

•    Sleep over: Let your guests stay the night if they wish to stay off the roads.

Happy New Year from The Church Agency, everyone.We hope that you will consider our suggestions this year and always remember to never  drink and drive! Let’s all look out for each other and have a great  2012.

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