Auto Insurance After a DUI

Obtaining affordable car insurance after a DUI / DWI conviction can be extremely challenging. Many national car insurance companies will vastly increase your rates or cancel your policy altogether after a drunk driving conviction or an administrative DMV suspension. We understand that you need affordable, reliable car Auto Insurance more than ever after a DUI […]

7 Tips to Stay Safe from Drunk Driving/Drivers This New Years Eve

The Church Agency, not only wants you to have a festive time bringing in the New Year but also remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. If we can educate people that buzzed driving is also unacceptable and will also cause  car accidents, we are saving lives.   Here are 7 New Year’s Eve safety tips:   […]

Some Tips For your Teen Driver

As Parents we are always worrying about our children from birth. Having a teenager can make us more worrisome due to the fact of their growing independence. Part of your teen becoming independent is learning to drive. When they get the coveted license to drive you feel like you might have a heart attack. Here […]