Residents Keep Watchful Eyes on Flooded Areas

Flooding and high water remains a concern in parts of Ohio.   Drivers are making their way through flooded roadways including Old Oxford State Road. The road has been covered with water for several days. The high water has been surrounding houses and a church that have been in the area for the past 20 years. […]

Some Tips For your Teen Driver

As Parents we are always worrying about our children from birth. Having a teenager can make us more worrisome due to the fact of their growing independence. Part of your teen becoming independent is learning to drive. When they get the coveted license to drive you feel like you might have a heart attack. Here […]

Are Your Fun Off-Road Toys Properly Insured?

  Whether you purchased your ATV for working in the yard or riding the trails, you and your ATV can now take a trip off the beaten path. While trips like these can provide excitement and fun, they also provide uncertainty. To help alleviate this uncertainty, many people decide to protect their all-terrain vehicle with […]

The Church Agency Gives Back

Here at The Church Agency we believe in giving back to the community. We decided to run a an incentive as to get more “likes” on our Facebook fan page. What better way to that by donating money to a good cause! For everyone that came over and “liked” our fan page we donated $1 […]

Some Lucky Winner Will Be Getting a Head Start On their Christmas Thanks To The Church Agency!

 Kick off the Holiday Season by winning an iPad2!!! All you need to be is an Ohio resident to enter! The Church Agency wants to invite you and your friends to come fill out our inventory survey and enter to win an iPad 2! It’s quick, easy and takes less then 5 minutes to fill out! So what […]


Small business owners can hire individuals as either employees or independent contractors. Which classification a hired individual falls under is often a confusing process for business owners, but it’s this critical classification that affects what tax documents must be filed; how much you, the business owner, pays in taxes; as well as whether or not […]

Insurance for Churches?

Churches and religious institutions play important roles in most communities across the country. They are used for worship, non-profit events/meetings, dinners, plays, fundraising centers, community bazaars, soup suppers, etc. Because churches and religious institutions are used for a variety of purposes, it is important to find insurance coverage the congregation will feel comfortable with. The […]