Healthcare Reform Law Already Affecting Millions

Leading news from the National Association of Health Underwriters USA Today (12/28, Kennedy) reports that “it can be difficult to dig through the rhetoric to determine just what the 2010 health care law has done,” but “proponents and foes say big pieces of the law have been enacted and have already affected millions of people’s lives.” […]

7 Tips to Stay Safe from Drunk Driving/Drivers This New Years Eve

The Church Agency, not only wants you to have a festive time bringing in the New Year but also remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. If we can educate people that buzzed driving is also unacceptable and will also cause  car accidents, we are saving lives.   Here are 7 New Year’s Eve safety tips:   […]

Keep Your Belongings Safe With Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is a necessity for anyone renting or subletting a home or apartment. A renter’s insurance policy protects your personal property, valuables and assets against many types of accidents or disasters. Without insurance you’re vulnerable to loss, so complete coverage can give you the peace of mind needed should a loss or damage take […]


Millions of Americans own special vehicles for recreation, personal assistance, property maintenance, and for other purposes. Residents and visitors in Snow Belt regions use snowmobiles. Golf carts cruise around golf courses and around many residential communities. Individuals with limited mobility use motorized wheelchairs and scooters. All-terrain vehicles and dune buggies are always popular. These vehicles […]

Don’t Let Your Dreams Get Washed Away!

People do not expect floods and can be unprepared to them and other natural disasters. Flash floods are the most unpredictable and can strike in any area, whether you are in a flood zone or not. Don’t get caught of guard with flood damages! Different types of Ohio Flood Insurance policies are available based on […]


Money is still tight for many Americans, meaning most are still looking to save when and where they can. Some people have even turned to their insurance policies as a place to cut costs. Insurance can be expensive, but consumers need to ask themselves where and how they can really save money in this area […]

Is Your Boat Insured?

Your boat is probably one of your most treasured and valuable possessions. Unfortunately, a boat can also be vulnerable – to accidents, storms, and theft. In addition to giving you peace of mind, boat insurance coverage provides protection for you, your passengers and your boat.   Boat insurance provides physical damage coverage to repair your boat […]


As you reach different stages in life, your Life Insurance needs change. Getting married and having children are just two examples of the kind of life-altering events that necessitate increasing your coverage. One place people often turn to when they need more Life Insurance is their employer. You might already be covered under an employer-paid […]

Are Your Fun Off-Road Toys Properly Insured?

  Whether you purchased your ATV for working in the yard or riding the trails, you and your ATV can now take a trip off the beaten path. While trips like these can provide excitement and fun, they also provide uncertainty. To help alleviate this uncertainty, many people decide to protect their all-terrain vehicle with […]

Disability Insurance Can Help Protect Your Earning Power

Most of us live paycheck to paycheck. If you are dependent on what you earn to pay for living expenses, a sudden inability to work because of an accident or illness can be financially devastating. That’s why Disability insurance is such an important coverage to own. The reality is that most people have little or […]