At The Church Agency we believe Loss Control is a vital part of every risk management strategy. By proactively lowering the frequency and severity of claims, you in turn lower your total cost of risk—both with reduced premiums and saved claims expenses.

Every company’s Loss Control approach is unique. Our dedicated Loss Control staff is equipped with knowledge and experience to help your business create specific strategies. The process of Loss Control includes the practice of analyzing your exposures to risk or loss, and taking steps to minimize these potential or real losses to levels acceptable to your organization.

Our process begins with;

  • Identify areas of risk within your organization.
  • Integrate the insurance underwriter to better understand your operations.
  • Expand and enhance your current risk management program.
  • Provide an ‘outside looking in’ analysis through assistance in self-audits, accident analysis, and other available tools.
  • Review and make recommendations for company safety policies, employee handbooks, etc.
  • Help to achieve compliance with OSHA, DOT, and other regulatory agencies.

We invite you to contact us for an evaluation of your organization’s risks. We would welcome the opportunity to use our in-depth safety expertise and resources to create a customized program for your business.